CBD Vape Cartridge - Multiple Flavors

CBD Vape Cartridge - Multiple Flavors

Full Spectrum Distillate and Cannabis Terpenes of the highest quality!  Each flavor comes from natural cannabis terpenes, which controls what affect, taste and smell each strain has.


Crystalization is normal!!  When the CBD percentage is high enough, it will start crystalizing.  Elevation and temperature changes also have an affect on how rapidly they can occur, as well as cause leakage.  Usually as you smoke from the cartridge the crystals will dissolve back down. 


Grown, Processed and Packaged In House


**DOES NOT contain MCT, VG, PG, Vitamin E, Mineral Oil or PEG**


    750mg CBD in 1ml Standard Vape Cartridge


    If there are any issues with the cartridge please call us and we can replace it.